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Welcome to My Personal Fundraising Page

Rozsa Harris

Rozsa Harris

Thank you for visiting my page to learn more about how to support me in raising funds for this cause that is very important to me!

This walk is important to me because I have experienced help and healing through the services that SOSL provides.

In 2015, when we lost Aaron to suicide, SOSL was there for us and their support has been instrumental in our ability to continue navigating our lives without him. Through the support group and various events that they sponsored throughout the year, we found a community of friends who support and help others with similar experiences. This has been invaluable and we are eternally grateful to them.

Proceeds from this fundraising walk will provide support for those left behind after suicide and raises awareness about the impact and prevention of suicide. The funds raised from this event stay in San Diego to touch the lives of San Diegans through two non-profits that work in this field. You can read more about SOSL and Directing Change by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

I appreciate any support you can contribute to my fundraising efforts. We look forward to this opportunity to give back every year because they have done so much for us and for others who have experienced a similar loss.

Best - Rozsa


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